NYSE Euronext approves Special Systems’s Orders Management System (OMS) for Qatar Exchange UTP trading platform

Sunday , 29 August , 2010

Special Systems has the pleasure to let you know that NYSE Euronext certified SSC’s Orders Management System (OMS) for orders entry on and market data reception of the Qatar Exchange UTP trading platform. NYSE Euronext is a holding company created by the combination of NYSE Group, Inc. and Euronext N.V. In 2009, NYSE Euronext took a 20 percent stake in Doha Stock Market; this strategic partnership will transform DSM into a significant international player in the global exchanges. Universal Trading Platform (UTP) is an advanced and sophisticated technology beyond the standard FIX and MDF concepts, that is not only provides outstanding value to customers, it is setting new benchmarks in terms of scalability, capacity, ultra-low latency, new functionalities and will connect Qatar Exchange to the global Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI) network. Qatar Exchange Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Andre Went said that we are putting in UTP or Universal Trading Platform - the same next generation system that NYSE Euronext is introducing in to its global markets. There are a number of benefits over our current system; primarily the speed of the trading engine and its ability to handle a number of different product types. However, potentially the biggest benefit is the fact that UTP will link to the global SFTI network that connects all of NYSE Euronext's markets. New Special Orders in terms of orders type and validity were implemented as well. Stop Orders (Triggers Orders), Good Till Cancel (GTC), Valid for Auction (VFA), Valid for Closing (VFC), Immediate or Cancel Orders (FAK), Fill or Kill Orders (FOK). Special Systems has performed intensive development and testing measures since early 2010 with Qatar Exchange project managers, who approved SSC as the first vendor at Qatar Exchange achieved project milestones timely and professionally.

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