Thomson Reuters certifies Special Systems orders routing engine to make Qatar Exchange available at global Thomson Reuters trading community.

Monday , 1 November , 2010

Special Systems’ Orders Routing engine has been approved by Thomson Reuters to connect Qatar Exchange to the global Thomson Reuters trading community through its well-known trading platform 3000 Xtra. This project was done in co-operation with the rapidly growing up brokerage firm in Doha; International Financial securities Co. Reuters 3000 Xtra is a high-speed integrated information and transaction service that reflects the vast experience of Reuters in world financial markets. Reuters 3000 Xtra provides a complete perspective of the global real-time arena, it gives news, information and insight. And with integrated price discovery and trading capabilities across all asset classes, the investor can make decisions and execute them immediately from a single desktop. The main contributor that makes this project done successfully and easily is the adopted FIX engine by SSC, it is flexible and could be used as a server end that route orders to the market and send status messages to Reuters. Special Systems has a strategic alliance with a global FIX leading provider “apt©”. www. This project comes following rolling out the new trading technology at Qatar Exchange “UTP”, introduced by NYSE Euronext. Special Systems has been rabidly improving its position as a leading Information Technology company that provides innovative software not only to make its’ clients satisfied, but to provide advanced solutions to be a head of others.

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