BrokerManager III

BrokerManager™ V3 is a state-ofthe- art back office financial brokerage management system. It is fully Integrated brokerage, portfolio and accounting management system. it performs brokerage operations from sales orders, trading transactions, customers billing, cheque processing, portfolio management and full accounting system.

BrokerManager™ V3 is designed to run on industry standard hardware. This makes it extremely cost effective with low incremental costs associated with system growth and ensures a future upgrades path in line with technological advancements in PC technology.

BrokerManager™ Main Components

  • System configuration management
  • Brokerage management.
  • Portfolio management.
  • Accounting management.
  • Customer relation management (CRM).
  • Security module.
  • Reporting.
  • Margin trading.
  • Anti Money Laundry Module.
  • Automated solvency Module.

  • Why BrokerManager™

  • Well-Matured system through 25 years of vertical experience.
  • Approved system throughout the region..
  • Secured environment..
  • Improved accuracy of information..
  • Reduce business\operations risk..
  • Covers day to day operations..
  • Helps sales increase with margins improvements..
  • A lot more ….
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