Comprehensive Academic Platform

The Academic platform is a comprehensive simulation of the complete entreprise solution Order Management system (Back office & Front office) provided to the acadmic institutions to empower and qualify students in the related field to acquire any position in investement and brokerage firms and the financial markets organizations, and to increase their knowhow of investment automation starting with investment clients definition ending with orders submission to the market.

Academia solutions are designed to be taught in universities and colleges in order to bridge the gap between theory and application and meet the needs of schools of finance and management.

In cooperation with academic consultants and financial solutions experts, Special Systems was able to launch its Academia programs in 2004. Special Systems ensured that the system stays up to date with latest technologies and legislations in the corresponding local stock market of the country.
The latest version of Special Systems Academia caters to the needs of the academic sector and offer students a simulated experience in stocks trading.

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