UBG-Universal Bank Gateway is a secure, high performance integration between the STES business provider banking system and the brokerage office's Order Management Systems (OMS).

UBG serves the brokerage house' clients by offering them the facility to deposit and withdrawal trading cash through the connected bank facilities.
Investor will be able to trade through the brokerage house promptly upon depositing cash in his trading account at the connected bank.

How UBG should add value to your business approach

  • Investor has the ability to deposit cash for trading using the connected bank facilities; consequently he is ready to place orders.
  • The brokerage office will be able to manage various types of payments through the connected bank.
  • Allows the brokerage office to manage investors operations that include adding, modifying and querying investors.
  • Allows the brokerage office to trace and audit all type of transactions via this gateway.
  • Notifying investors by SMS service for deposit, withdrawal transactions.
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