Who We Are

Since its inception in 1978, Special Systems network offers its diverse project skills and best practices expertise across the region, while ensuring required support and services for sustaining successful implementations. The management team, leaders from relevant industry backgrounds, work closely with SSCs' professionals to offer clients in-depth insight and practical real-world solutions that meet client expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a different kind of a Systems company-translating " Special" into a company that listen to client needs, values innovation in investment solutions and solves customers problems with exceptional support.

With over 120,000 investors being served using our applications, Special Systems is dedicated to make this mission come true.

Special Systems History

Special Systems is a Jordanian technology company that specialized in developing innovative enterprise software solutions for banks, brokerage companies and investment firms. Special Systems also provides consultancy services to this specific financial sector.

Special Systems strength derives from developing a long-term relationship with its clients. It has focused on the financial investment sector and properly assessed the requirements of stock markets, investment banks, and brokerage firms. We had developed financial solutions that address the demands of the brokerage companies operating in the Arab regional stock markets.

32 Years Of Experience

Established in 1978, we started as an IT company provides Financial Software and Information Security Services, besides providing consultancy services and IT studies to most of Jordanian banks, and considered the official consultant of the stock markets in Jordan, Lebanon, Masqat, Bahrain and other countries in Gulf area.

In 1992 special systems established "The College" as the first Microsoft Certified training center to give training on operating systems, application systems, programming languages, and the internet.

And in 2001 The information Security Center (ISC) has been established to provide consultancy and assistance to companies on how to secure their Information and Networks from Hacking, Penetration and other Internet Threats.

The center has the combined experience of special system network engineering and information security specialists with field experience in the U.S, ISC had established consulting partnership with the reputed U.S information security for eEye Digital systems.

Special Systems also had an extensive experience in automating the operations and providing computerized solutions and hardware to the Industrial Corporations, Banks and Insurance companies, Government and Public agencies, Financial, Educational, and Medical institutions.

And now, with over 40 clients of brokerage firms and investment banks in Jordan, UAE, Qatar, and Syria special systems has proudly launched the Third generation of its back office system "specially" designed to fit our clients needs and Fourth generation of OMS and eTrade solutions.

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